Sunday, September 5, 2010

Metallica - Suicide & Redemption

Saturday, September 4, 2010

John Petrucci Vs. Steve Vai Vs. Joe Satriani

It's a close call between those, at least for me. The fusion-style guitar shredding of metal and blues that Joe Satriani has been rockin' for ages, the melodic-style guitar shredding of Steve Vai that captures his audiences worldwide by playing mesmerizing solos, or the progressive-metal shredding of John Petrucci which incorporates all forms of metal inside his kick-ass riffs and hypnotizing solos, these guitar players are all virtuosos at their craft. These three are both my idols when it comes to guitar and I would love to play like either one, or both. When it comes down to who I think is better, personally, I'd have to choose John Petrucci, because honestly, his guitar shredding appeals to me more then most of the famous guitarists out there, and his pieces are very well written.

Feel free to comment on who you would choose with a reason why!

-The Guitar Guy

Guitar: KH-2 by ESP

Probably one of my most favorite guitars out on the market by ESP, even though it costs way over $2K, I still think it's worth it to buy one if I had the money. This guitar is remarkable, along with the pickups, and crossbone inlays. What do you guys think?


I just started this blog and I hope to get a lot of viewers! :-) I'll be posting anything relating to guitars or music, because that's what my blog is all about!

-The Guitar Guy